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‘CaptainGeneral’ is the handle I have used as a Wargames hobbyist for many years. My first love has always been (to quote Helion Books) the Century of the Soldier, Although my dates are closer to 1600-1700.

I am particularly interested in the Thirty Years War, and especially the Swedish intervention by Gustavus Adolfus 1630-1632.

Cuirassier command.JPEG

I have written The WarreGame 1632 ruleset, back in 2015 and latterly a large and wider ranging rules compendium WarreGame 17thC and the PDFs for these are available on the website.

As a result of this interest and my obsession with the armour of the period; last year I launched into the re-creation of the action between Piccolomini’s Horse and the Swedish Smaland regiment at the Battle of Lutzen 1632, as a WarreGame presentation. But in 28mm and on a miniatures scale of 1 to 1 ….

Some 900 miniatures on the table!


To get substantial numbers of figures to augment my existing collection, I took the plunge and commissioned a set of six Kurassiers Horses from Ebob and riders from the legendary Paul Hicks. 


By getting them cast by The Mouldmaker, I was able to offset costs by offering sets for sale.... Then it all started. 


Amazed by the response, I started trying my own hand at sculpting and the encouragement of 1000+ followers has brought me to the formation of this company.

My aim is the sculpting and release of figure sets every quarter. 

CaptainGeneral Miniatures complement existing 28mm ranges pretty well. Adding increasing variety to cherished Thirty Years War collections and are mostly transferable to the English Civil War.

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