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The First Foot Arrive

The first Foot have arrived and are previewed here. Intended as generic infantry from the first part of the 17thC

Sculpted in house and cast by CastCom

These are the armoured pikes and Command … the muskets are on the workbench but will be slightly delayed as the new Grandson arrived this morning. 🌅

This means the first full sets of Pike and Musket will hopefully be for sale sometime around the end of Feb 2024

Pricing will be competitive and regimental packs will bring a discount.

The dollies will be worked up into packs of variations...

Unarmoured pikes and command

Campaign worn types

Flouncy French

Sober Swedes

Always open to suggestions - types, poses, pack size, etc.

so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Watch this Space!


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