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Christmas to Candlemass

Welcome to my Christmas Post.

I hope you are all doing well and having a great time with friends and family.

I always think this is a good time to look back ... and forward.

In October the Black Friday Sales provided sufficient funds for the next set of mould-making.

I've decided to sculpt Foot Troops in the style of the earlier TYW. Ideal for use in the Bohemian revolt, the suppression of the Palatinate, and the defeat of the Danes under King Christian by Wallenstein. Also useable in the Kalmar War 1611-1613.

Big breeches, with high waisted doublets and heavy muskets, alongside Pikemen in half armour. They would even work as French.

The Musketeers are in Dolly format at the mo. and will be worked up into a large number of varieties, in terms of kit and poses.

Hoping to launch these in February 2024

I've also decided to remake the Croats and these are shown below....Let me know what you think and whether they should hit the rubber?

In addition the prices of my figures will be reviewed and probably reduced, with the aim of making them among the cheapest in the market.

I hope to launch these by Candlemass (2nd Feb 2024) there will be various packs of four muskets, pikes and command sets.

Regimental packs will be available at a further reduced deal price. I'm still working on the Foot pricing structure ... So stand by for further updates, I'm planning for it to be very competitive.

Finally all those of you needing more cavalry, particularly the Cuirassiers, drop me a line as re-stocks are on order and should be with me imminently, but I'm new to this stock control lark ...

All the best and a Happy New Year 🥳


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