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 Access to the 28mm sculpting and Rulesets of the WARREGAME 

Welcome to CaptainGeneral Games

Welcome to CaptainGeneral Games, a small and personal business venture with an expanding  range of 28mm white metal figures for the Thirty Years War with potential to be used in the English Civil War. Conceived to help me fund my hobby by creating a wide variety of 28mm figures that can slot into to existing collections, CaptainGeneral Games is working to provide new distinctive variety in your forces for battles and skirmish games.

We make no apologies for the appearance of most other manufacturers models in my pictures. 

Its a proud collection and you can see how they sit alongside each other on the tabletop.

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CaptainGeneral Games is the brainchild of Steve Jones who is passionate about creating some interesting 28mm Wargaming Miniatures and rulesets for the Thirty Years Warre from traditional materials.


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